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3 Reasons Hiring Licensed Toronto Plumbers Is A Stroke Of Genius

Licensed Toronto plumbers are the only viable solution when it comes to plumbing in this city. Sure, there are plenty of handymen willing to do the same work for less, often appearing on Craigslist and Kijiji, but they won’t offer the same quality work that’s done right, on time, and guaranteed. Only licensed plumbers can give you that peace of mind and knowledge that the plumbing fix will stick. Here are 3 reasons hiring a licensed Toronto plumber, is a stroke of genius.
busy toronto plumber fixing a pipe in a wall

1. Guaranteed Work
Licensed plumbers who are confident in their work give guarantees. Unlicensed plumbers who want to get paid and then disappear will not. The difference is more than just the work, it’s the confidence for you that things will be done properly. With a guarantee, the price will be upfront, the work performed to the best of their ability, and any mistakes will be taken care of free of charge. A handyman off Kijiji will never give you that kind of promise.

2. Quality Service
Licensed plumber means trained professional, not some guy who fancies himself a handyman. Plumbing is complicated work that takes years to learn and only a licensed plumber has the knowledge and experience to do the work you need. By hiring a professional, you won’t have to worry about shoddy workmanship or quick fixes that are only temporary patches. Instead, a plumber will do exactly what you need and properly, applying their knowledge of plumbing systems and Toronto’s complex plumbing codes to fix the problems for good.

3. Done on Time, the First Time
So many unlicensed plumbers are too confident in their own skills, giving time estimates that are terribly inaccurate once they start working. What started as a few hours turns into your home turned upside down for days, inconveniencing you in ways you were unprepared. This won’t happen with a licensed plumber. They are experienced professionals and familiar with the work, which makes their time estimates much more accurate. And with the guarantee, you won’t have to pay for the extra hours anyways. That certainly isn’t something an unlicensed plumber will be willing to do.

No matter what your next plumbing project, the best solution is a licensed plumber. In fact, they are really your only solution if you want the work done right and in a timely manner. Kijiji handymen will claim they can do the same work for way less money, but if you take into account the variable hours, the poor quality, and the disappearing act they often perform once the work is done, a licensed professional is the best option. Don’t settle for less simply to save a few dollars with a handyman, they will only cost you more in the long run. Instead, get a Toronto plumber with the knowledge and experience to do the work right.