How To Become A Professional Window Cleaner

How To Become A Professional Window Cleaner

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There comes a point in the lives of many people that they must look for employment, often times they end up with jobs that are simply there to pay the bills. It’s been said that no one decided to be a house painter, and so the same can be said for the profession of a window cleaner. Essentially, becoming a professional window cleaner means starting your own business, or recognizing employment that you find enjoyable and fulfilling. We spoke with NICK’S Window Cleaning from Toronto, Ontario to discuss matters and they shared with us some valuable insight.


Like many small businesses, which you are essentially becoming once you decide to be a pro window cleaner, perseverance is incredibly important to finding success in this line of work. This not only means understanding the most effective and efficient way to clean windows, but also how to manage your billing, tend to your accounting, manage your customer relationships, and last but not least market your services. Persevering throughout the learning process, and day-to-day operations of your business can be a difficult task for those who do not have the stomach for the roller coast ride of self-employment.


Having the skills required to clean windows professionally is very important to a successful window cleaning business. This should go without saying but there are those who simply slop dirty soapy water on windows, wipe it off and call it a day. These are the sort of operations that do not last, as many customers may decide to simply pay the window cleaner and never call them again rather than confront them directly. In order to have repeat business it’s important that the job is done correctly and there is a minimum of mess and/or inconvenience cause to the customer.

Customer Service

Regardless of what line of business you are in, providing good customer service is very important and is considered by many successful businesses to be the key to their success. Simply put, getting paid once is nice, getting paid over and over is great. Ensuring that your customers are happy and satisfied with your service is going to make sure that they keep coming back to you time and time again. Once you have a customer and an established relationship it’s going to be tough for them to change service providers, and also the cost of retaining a customer is often much less than the cost of obtaining a new customer.

It does not take a miracle to run a successful window cleaning company in Toronto, simple sticking to a few key principles is often more than enough to find success.